Healthy Foods to Consume while travelling

Travelling is part and parcel in the life of a modern human. Most of us are travelling every day/week to fulfil our dreams. But having food just before long distance travel is something people tend to avoid most of the times. We prefer travelling in empty stomach than to have little rice but this habit will lead to adverse complications for regular commuters so we have decided to list the healthiest foods that can be consumed while travelling.


Substitute for this heavenly liquid is yet to be found. Many women avoid regular consumption of water because of inadequate washroom facilities. That may be the case for some Government operated bus services but many private buses are equipped with toilets and will stop at rest stops frequently. Many people have this idea of taking aerated drinks or caffeine instead of water, please avoid this because sugar content in these drinks will dehydrate your body which will make things worse during travel.

Opt for Vegetables:

Munching tasty chickens are good when you are at home but please avoid taking non-veg foods when you’re about travel. Because non-veg foods take too much time to digest and it may affect your bowel action. Having a couple of carrots or cucumber along with little curd rice is good enough for an average human. One can also have these veggies during your travel. It is a perfect and healthy alternative for chips and colas.

Try Nuts all the way:

If you are uncomfortable in carrying veggies during travels, then you can try different types of nuts. Almost every nut is rich in protein. These nuts will help you to consume the daily required protein without adding fat which in turn will help you to keep your weight in control. Moreover, nuts can be stored for a very long time and will help you in a great deal if you are planning for a long time vacation. The only drawback about nuts is that people will opt for fried ones instead of normal nuts. Fried nuts are as unhealthy as a packet of potato chips so try to get some natural nuts.

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